Sports Leagues

Queen Anne’s County Recreation offers several recreational sports leagues: Youth Basketball, Sunday Indoor Soccer, Youth Field Hockey and Flag Football.  However, most organized youth sports leagues within Queen Anne’s County are organized and financed through independent organizations.  Queen Anne’s County’s involvement with these independent leagues is limited to scheduling and maintenance of the athletic fields used for practices, games and events.

Queen Anne’s County Code of Conduct/Sports Field Rules and Regulations


WINTER – registration typically occurs late summer/early fall (September/October)*

      QAC Recreation –

Indoor Soccer
      QAC Recreation –

Indoor Lacrosse
     Chesapeake Indoor Lacrosse League –

     QAC Mat Club –
     Chesapeake Bay Piranhas Wrestling –


SPRING – registration typically occurs the beginning of the year (January/February)*

      QAC Little League – QA Baseball website
      Chesapeake Vipers – 
      BSP/Bigbre’s Black Sox – 
      K.I. Youth Baseball & Softball Club –

      QAC Little League – 
      K.I. Youth Baseball & Softball Club – 
      Q.A.Co. Coed Adult Softball
      Q.A.Co. Sr. Men’s Softball – 
      Baltimore Senior Softball League – Shoremen

      Centreville Youth Lacrosse – CYLAX – 
      KI Youth Lacrosse – 
      Chesapeake Storm LAX Club – 
      Q.A. Co. Lacrosse – 
      Shore Kaos LAX – 


FALL – Registration typically occurs in the spring/summer months (May/June)*

Field Hockey
      QAC Recreation –

      Kent Island Youth Soccer –
      QA Soccer Club –
      BUSA Soccer –
      Bayshore Soccer – 

      QAC Recreation (Flag) –
      UQA Football (Tackle) –
      Chesapeake Bay Piranhas Football (Tackle) –

*Each league has their own registration timeline, the months listed are intended to be a guide only.  Check with each individual league for accurate registration dates and deadlines.