Rental Facilities

QAC Commissioners Waive Fees for Non-Profits

CENTREVILLE – Many charitable events held on county land will now be able to request a fee waiver for the rental of a park, trail, or equipment such as bleachers or stages. The Queen Anne’s County Commissioner voted unanimously March 24, to immediately reinstate the fee waiver policy which had been terminated several years ago when the county faced a large budget deficit.
Commissioner Paul Comfort said, “Our charitable organizations are a backbone of the county’s volunteer culture. We are happy to again offer the opportunity for these non-profits to utilize some of the county government’s resources gratis under certain conditions.”
Given better economic times and the Board’s desire to help organizations with providing free activities for citizens, the following criteria for the waiving of fees was adopted: the organization must be a non-profit; the event is not a fundraiser where people must pay money to attend; the facility where the event is located is not one that normally requires a fee for access such as Conquest Beach, Blue Heron Golf Course, or public landings and marinas; the facility may not be an indoor facility that requires county personnel to open, close or monitor activities; if the facility is mobile such as a stage or bleachers then the personnel and transportation costs associated with the event will not be waived.
Commissioner Mark Anderson noted that the very popular Kid’s Fishing Derby conducted by the Kent Island Elks Lodge 2576 each year in July would be positively helped by the new rules that continue the waiver of fees for non-profits hosting events that have no admission charge.
A security deposit is required for all facilities regardless of waiver status. For more information please contact Chip Price, director of the Department of Parks and Public Landing at 410-758-0835 or at

Rental Rates

Call Jill at 410-758-0835 x2520 for Information or Reservations

Conquest Beach

Weekends & Holidays
$450 per day resident of Queen Anne’s County
$650 per day non-resident
$150 Security Deposit

$200 per day resident of Queen Anne’s County
$300 per day non-resident
$150 Security Deposit

Cross Island & South Island Trails

$300 per day resident of Queen Anne’s County
$400 per day non-resident
$100 Security Deposit

Picnic Shelters

Mowbray Park, Church Hill Park, Pinkney Park, Sudlersville Park and Roundtop Park
$150 per day resident of Queen Anne’s County
$250 per day non-resident
$100 Security Deposit

Small Stage
Small Stage

Rental Rates for Stages & Bleachers

Please Note: Rental of stages and bleachers consists of two fees, a rental rate plus a delivery charge, each listed separately below.

Portable Stages
$350 per day resident of Queen Anne’s County
$450 per day non-resident
$100 per each additional day
$100 Security Deposit

Portable Bleachers
$200 per day resident of Queen Anne’s County
$250 per day non-resident
$100 Security Deposit


Park Rental Policies

POLICY STATEMENT: The Queen Anne’s County Park Facilities and Equipment are available to groups for public and private affairs. Minimal charges will be set to offset operating costs. The Department reserves the right to refuse any application if it deems the activity will be inappropriate to be held at a public facility.

All Parks & Recreation property and activities are open to use by all members of the public regardless of race, gender, national origin, color, religion or disability. The Director of Parks & Recreation reserves the right to approve or deny requests for permits and set reasonable restrictions as to time, place and manner.

Any event, which is primarily for the purpose of personal, financial or corporate gain, or commercial promotion, will be denied or terminated without notice. In the event that the sponsor wishes to involve vendors as part of a charitable event, a special vendor permit and fee shall be required on a case-by-case basis. Fundraising activities for charitable events will be considered by special approval from the Director. Political fundraising or posting of campaign signs is strictly prohibited.


  • User will be responsible for any property damages incurred while using this facility. If property damage occurs the Department will deduct the costs for repairs from the security deposit and bill for any costs beyond the security deposit.
  • The user is responsible for properly cleaning the facility and grounds at the end of an activity. Trash must be placed in trash receptacles. Excessive trash must be removed from the site. All trash must be removed at trash fee park areas such as the Boat Landings and Piers. A trash collection / cleaning fee will be deducted from the security deposit if the facility and/or park is left in an unacceptable condition (see additional fees section).
  • No staples, nails etc. are to be used on pavilions, trees or picnic tables. Use tape only.
  • All cars are to use the designated parking areas. NO PARKING ON THE GRASS. Violators will be ticketed.
  • The park closes at dark unless the Director of Parks & Recreation approves special arrangements in advance. Conquest Beach is open 10am-8pm.
  • All pets must be on a leash and are the owner’s responsibility. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED AT ROMANCOKE PIER, CONQUEST PRESERVE, MATAPEAKE PIER OR TERRAPIN NATURE AREA.
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited without a permit and liquor license. Call the Liquor Board – 410-758-3133 to obtain a liquor license.
  • If an event requires a caterer, a permit is required from the Q.A.C. Health Department. Call 410-758-0720.