Field Hockey

Field Hockey Sticks Youth Field Hockey Game Schedules

Kiddie Division                     PeeWee Division

Junior Division                      Senior Division


The following youth field hockey leagues will start in August. No experience necessary.  Girls Youth Leagues include Kiddie entering grades K–2,  PeeWee entering grades 3–4, Juniors entering grades 5-6 and Seniors entering grades 7-8.  Equipment needed: mouth guard, shin guards, eye wear (senior division) and hockey sticks. Kiddie and PeeWee girls’ sticks may be provided if necessary. Peewee Division will be mainly skill development with a short schedule of games. Practices start in August at area fields and games are played on Saturdays beginning in September.

Registration deadline: June 30, 2016.  All registrations received after this date will be charged a $15 late fee.

 Kiddie Division, Grades K – 2 Cost: $65
Location: Stevensville                        Program: 911001
Location: Grasonville                        Program: 911002
Location: Centreville                         Program: 911003
Location: Church Hill                        Program: 911004

PeeWee Division, Grades 3 – 4 Cost: $85
Location: Stevensville                        Program: 921001        
Location: Grasonville                        Program: 921002
Location: Centreville                         Program: 921003
Location: Church Hill                        Program: 921004        

Junior Division, Grades 5 – 6 Cost: $95
Location: Stevensville                        Program: 931001
Location: Grasonville                        Program: 931002        
Location: Centreville                         Program: 931003
Location: Church Hill                        Program: 931004

Senior Division, Grades 7 – 8 Cost: $95
Location: Stevensville                        Program: 941001
Location: Grasonville                        Program: 941002        
Location: Centreville                         Program: 941003
Location: Church Hill                        Program: 941004